Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Part 2

Part 2:

When I moved out of the family home I took a lot of my Lego collection with me, leaving some of it behind as my younger brothers where still playing with it.

Other than buying a black Lego steam engine, I really didn't buy much Lego at that time, I am not sure why exactly, but I did by some old Mask Toys on eBay for some bizarre reason.  Probably because I was bored and my girlfriend at the time, who was not that supportive of my interests and more interested in socializing, which has never been my main thing.

Things changed drastically when I moved into my current house with my long serving unofficial wife, perhaps it was because I was in a happy and stable relationship and able to be who I wanted to be.   From here a tradition was continued and every Christmas I would get a Lego set (mainly Star wars), which I would then build on Christmas day.

 I know that I was never far away from Lego, even as an adult as I bought the very first Batman Lego bat-mobile set whilst in Germany.  I was there for an exchange (and had been there previously many times), whilst I was looking in a local toy shop I saw that Batman had come out and had to blow the last of my spending money on it.

I think there was a couple of Christmas were the tradition was not kept, but that was probably my sons first Christmas when I was busy with him and his toys. 

My son had lots of Duplo but finally got interested in Lego about a couple of years ago.  More so last year at Easter when we visited my parents in Spain.  I had bought him a Ninja Turtles set and he liked it so much we scoured the local toy shops for more.  As my parents live in rural Spain this was not easy, and we sure did go to a lot of toy shops, none of them had Turtles and in the end he settled on Chima.  Since then we have taken him to Lego land (staying in the hotel which was awesome), and really just going Lego mad.  I do seem to be playing catch up now, not only with the sets I missed, but also on the depth of the Lego community, both adults and child.

In order to try and contain the Lego, custom play tables were made in my sons bedroom for him to play on. The problem being is that there is not a massive amount of room in his bedroom, so maximizing space is challenging.  We both tried different layouts but could not really find things that were going to be structured and playable.  We have finally got a plan which involves a kind of two tier Lego City, and this is really the main project at the moment.  trying to get a nice City with lots of features into such a small space.

This brings me up to February of 2014, and the worst time of my life so far for me and my family.
To be continued.....

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