Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Beginning

Best place to start is at the beginning. 

Back in the early 1980's I was a young boy that loved playing with Lego and I got various sets throughout that period. Mostly they were space sets, Knights and buckets of building bricks.

Over the next 10 years my lego set grew along with me and my siblings.  The happy memories of my childhood were building and playing with Lego with my older Sister Clare, and my younger brothers Glenn and Scott.

Clare built houses and made them look pretty, always using one colour (white mostly), where as me and my brothers would often just use what ever colour we could get our hands on.  So most of our buildings would be multi-coloured.  I used to like making futuristic house boats, but when we got our first Lego Castle set 6080 I tended to use that as my house.  I would play knights or "city" and just change the castle in my imagination to travel back in time to when it was a working castle. Then jumping forward to present day when it was a stately home. 

I then got the original space police and Blacktron as the baddies, building a huge space base on my dads snooker table.  This was the play table for a large Knights castle with a Lion mouth as the drawbridge and paws of to the side that housed secret entrances.  I was very proud of it and wish I had kept photos of it to show my nearly 6 year old son it.  Not sure how my dad felt about using his full size expensive snooker table as play table but hey ho.  

The only other important sets I can really remember where 6932 Lego Airport, 6544 Shuttle Transcon 2 and 8860 Technic car.  Been going through Brickset and adding all the sets I can remember having, and some of the pieces I still have. 

We sold the Snooker table when we moved to a smaller house, and from then on we had a white all in one play table, the kind with air hockey table football and pool for kids.  On that I made a large airport space shuttle base and would build and play for hours even though I was well into my teens.

As I got older and found girls, I moved away from Lego.  I was learning the guitar and I guess becoming a typical teen but did not really grow up.  I bought a Lego train set with my first monthly wage at 18, only really because I could and that my dad would not buy me one.  Probably because he had spent a small fortune on Hornby train sets, something which I really didn't get into.

I also still played from time to time with my youngest brother Scott who was 12 years younger than me.  I bought quite a few of the aquazone and made custom versions based on sea creatures. As a fan of Star Trek the next generation, I used ideas of an underwater planet as a theme. Creating Dolphin and Orca class submarines with different colour right arms to designate ranks on my mini figs. I remember yellow being ensign and red being Commander.  I created a mini comic book based on this, but sadly have lost this over time.  Still got all the pieces of the sets, but this brings us to the last days of my relationship with Lego as a Son and child.

The last sets that I bought before I moved out of my family home, were the very first star wars sets, including the first x-wing 7140 and the first millennium falcon 7190.  The latter being sat in front of me fully built, pride of place on my Computer desk.

Next takes up to present day and being a father myself and an AFOL.
The story continues....

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